Kanya Galvao


Kanya Galvao

kanya galvao

Kanya Barbosa Galvão

Instrumento : Voz

Data de nascimento 24 de Agosto de 1994

Natural de Brockton, MA

Morada atual : USA – MA


Breve historial

Parents’ Jose Galvao-singer and bass player& Ludovina Semedo, both born in Cape Verde Islands. From an early age of 5 Kanya captured the heart of her family & friends with her charming & bold personality. As Kanya grew older, her passion for singing became very clear. Kanya began performing at Restaurants with her father, school talent shows, and competitions and was part of chorus at school for ten years. People soon noticed Kanya’s Talents by performing with her father at many occasions.
Kanya’s musical influences were Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Tito Paris, Cesaria, Galvao-her father and among many others. Kanya enjoyed listening to all types of music, from R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance & Cape-Verdean music
At the age of fifteen, Kanya heard of a singing competition called “Voz di Diaspora“, she then told her father that she would like to participate. Her father then placed her in the competition for a chance to get noticed. Kanya gave it her all & showed no fear. Unfortunately, Kanya was not chosen as a finalist but did come in 2nd place. This did not stop her from following her dreams of becoming a star. She then continued taking vocal lessons & continued performing at festivals and local restaurants where she soon developed a familiar & ambitious character. Kanya took every opportunity to practice singing.
In 2013 Kanya then heard about the singing competition “Voz di diapora” again. She did everything she can and made sure that she will give it her all. This time she had did it! Kanya won “Voz di diaspora 2013” and was invited to participate in another competition in Luxembourg. Although Kanya did not win that competition, this will not stop her from pursuing her dreams and her father will always continue to support her! As she says, “ this is only the beginning…”



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