Carlos Lopes, known worldwide as Calú Bana, was born in Cape Verde Islands; Son of Rosinha de nha Guida and Eduardo João Xalino also, a noted Capeverdean singer and guitarist. With the inspiration of Ildo Lobo and Bana; following in his father’s footsteps, Calú Bana began singing at an early age and was introduced to the music world while still in his early teens. Selected to appear in the First Annual All Star Singing Contest (Tudo Mundo Canta). Calú Bana won that first competition and was on his way, taking with him his new nickname and critical acclaim. 

1989-1996 Calú Bana won his second All Star singing contest. Since then Calú Bana has participated in bands like Cimbodiana, Arpa Sound, Ice Band, and Os Pecos. Calú Bana has recorded with Os Pecos band and collaborated with musical friends releasing recorded titles such as: Mulata, Fernandinha, Sonhe Realizode, Trauma, Desejo, Nen 1 Centavu, Metaforfose, Aguenta Funana, Criolinha, Paixao Alucinado, Nha Maninha with most of which were written and composed by Calu Bana himself.

 1997-2006 Calú Bana, joined force with music producer Manny Rodrigues of MR Productions to record his first solo CD, “Pescador” which then lead to his second hit solo “Calor d’um Amor” also produced by Manny Rodrigues. He has toured to Cape Verde, Paris, Holland, Canada, Portugal, and Sweeden. Calu Bana has also written, composed and produced many of his releases like: Rainha de Nha Tronu, Amor Fabricado, Nha Terra Nha Kretcheu arranged by Cesar Lima and Russian Symphony Conductor Gregory Ayrian.

2012-2015   A acoustic cd (Calú Bana Canta Manuel) D’Novas. This unique effort  encompass a number of song styles (Mornas) of one of the Best Capeverdean composer ever born, Arranged by Dany Carvalho

Calú Bana has also collaborated with fellow singers and musicians  like: Bana,  Zeca Nha Reinalda, Norberto Tavares, Eduardo Joao Xalino,  Manuel D’Novas, Djo D’Loy, Ildo Lobo, Mirri Lobo, Katchas, Zequinha Bulimundo, … and many more.

Calú Bana still finds the time to devote to charitable events. He loves to entertain young folks with Kola Zouk, but his passion is his Cape Verdean roots of morna, coladera, batuku and funana. This amazing capeverdean talent, with unique deep yet smooth voice and incredible performer capabilities to vibrate the crowd, is a humble family man, a great friend to have.

2016 Calú Bana is currently working on a single Sonho Ralizod2.

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